Welcome to the Army Fencing Union (AFU); whether you are a complete beginner or you want to get back into fencing, the AFU has a range of fixtures which can challenge you.

The AFU normally run training camps prior to the Army Fencing Championships (28-22 May 14) and the Inter Service Championships (14 – 17 July 14), RAF Costford.

Owing to the limited capability of a minor sport, the best way to get into fencing is to search for a local club. If you need any help with this or want to chat to our members please¬†join the Army Fencing facebook group. Clubs usually have kit which you can borrow, however if they don’t the AFU has some you can sign out.

Please fill in the Contact Proforma so that we may get in touch with you if any events come up.

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Apr, 23 - 27 Army Fixture – Army Championships including AGM Bulford


Jun, 09 - 10 Army Fixture – Chichester Open Chichester


Jul, 21 - 22 Army Fixture – Norfolk Open UAE Sportspark


Sep, 15 Army Fixture – Elite Epee Series – Event 5 Moulton


Sep, 29 - 30 Army Fixture – Hampshire Open Portsmouth


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  • President -TBC
  • Chairman – Lt Col Phil Haigh RA
  • Secretary – Capt Matt Ball
  • Treasurer – Lt Max Tankaria REME
  • Armourer – Cpl Shaine Ryland-Gasher RLC
  • Asst Armourer/BA(G) rep – AirTpr Kieran Elliott AAC
  • Mens’ Captain – Cpl Dave Conroy AGC(RMP)
  • Ladies’ Captain – Maj Jenny Wilson RAMC
  • Competition Secretary – Sgt Will Margett QARANC


If you wish to be involved in Army Fencing, please request to join our Facebook group. Please also return the completed the contact proforma as well as directing any questions to matthew.ball276@mod.uk.

Download Contact Proforma